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Dr. Rob Silverman’s 2017 Seminar Schedule


5th                           NormaTech, Manhattan Beach, Professional Soccer A.T. Society

21st-22nd                Erchonia, Cincinnati, OH. “Inside-Out Health”



2nd                          Nutri-Dyn/NWHS, Bloomington, MN.

4th-5th                     Erchonia, Saddle Brook, NJ. “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

11th                         Metagenics, Portland, OR: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

18th                         Metagenics, Toronto, Ca: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

24th                         Integrative Health Symposium (23rd-25th), NYC:



4th-5th                     Erchonia, Austin, TX: “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

10th                         Nutri-Dyn/MCA, Minnesota, MN:

11th                         Metagenics, Atlanta, GA: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

18th-19th                Erchonia, Newport Beach, CA: “Inside-Out Health”

24th                         Erchonia/North Carolina Chiro Assoc, Cary, NC.

30th-4/2                 Erchonia/FCA Spring Convention, Jacksonville, FL



3/30-2nd                 Erchonia/FCA Spring Convention, Jacksonville, FL

7th                           A4M, Hollywood, FL: “Gut Endotoxins and Systemic Inflammation”

22nd-23rd                Erchonia, Bloomington, MN: “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

27th                         Nutri-Dyn, SD

29th                         Cyrex Labs/Erchonia, ANJCSC, NJ

30th                         Metagenics, Boston, MA: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”



4th-7th                     Erchonia/Chiro Sushi, Las Vegas, NV

13th                         Metagenics, Montreal, Ca: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

20th-21st                Erchonia, Anchorage, AK. “Inside-Out Health”



3rd-4th                     Erchonia, Lexington, KY. “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

10th                         Metagenics, Calgary, Ca: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

23rd                        Cyrex Labs/FCA, FL

24th-25th                Erchonia, Salt Lake City, UT. “Inside-Out Health”



14th                         Cyrex Labs/Erchonia/TCC, TX

22nd-23rd               Erchonia, Baltimore, MD. “Inside-Out Health”



5th-6th                     Erchonia, Chicago, IL: “Inside-Out Health”

12th                         Metagenics, Irvine, CA: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”

19th-20th                Erchonia, Santa Cruz or Sacramento, CA: “Inside-Out Health”

24th-26th                Cyrex Labs/Erchonia, FCA, FL



9th-10th                  Erchonia, Portland, OR: “Inside-Out Health”

16th-17th                Erchonia, Birmingham, AL: “Inside-Out Health”

14th-15th                Nutri-Dyn, WCA: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”



1st                                Erchonia/NormaTec, TCA Sports Symposium, TX: “Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Concussion”

7th-8th                         Erchonia, Boston, MA: “Inside-Out Health”

12th                             Metagenics Advisory Board Mtg., Seattle, WA

14th                             Tarrytown, NY/NY Chiropractic Council Convention

17th                             Metagenics Dinner, White Plains, NY: “Weight Control”

21st-22nd                    Erchonia/Iowa Chiro Assoc., IA

27th                             Nutri-Dyn, Bloomington, MN. Great Lakes Conference

28th                             Metagenics, Tampa, FL: “Integration of Functional Nutrition”



4th-5th                         Erchonia, Albany, NY: “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

11th-12th                    Erchonia/Nutri-Dyn, ND: “Inside-Out Health”

18th-19th                    Erchonia, Davenport, IA: “Inside-Out Health”

30th                             Erchonia/Cyrex Labs, Pro-Sport, Las Vegas, NV



1st – 2nd                      Erchonia/Cyrex Labs, Pro-Sport, Las Vegas, NV

9th – 10th                    Erchonia, Portland, ME: “Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health”

14th – 15th                 CyrexLabs, Las Vegas, NV: A4M 25th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, “Bacterial Toxins’ Threat Against Neuroplasticity”


I have never met a chiropractor as credentialed and knowledgeable as Dr. Silverman. His expertise in the area of sports injuries and nutrition is quite impressive.

Anne-Marie Levan MD, New Jersey

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